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Self-Calibrating Time Saver - TLL352

Save Time:

The Fozmula TLL352 is a capacitance-type liquid level sensor that is designed for the continuous measuring of the contents of a tank. The TLL352 has the benefit of saving their user’s time through its ability of recalibrating itself when confronted with a liquid with a different dielectric constant.

For example, if the TLL352 is used in a tank where it is measuring conventional diesel, the user can refill the tank with bio-diesel and the sensor will automatically self-calibrate and correct the output level without requiring the user to manually change anything, making this heavy-duty level sensor perfect for saving you time to focus on more important jobs.

Feature Packed:

The TLL352 is feature packed:
  • 1" thread connection
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Multiple output options available
  • Heavy duty with no moving parts; built to last

The TLL352 is available in a wide variety of lengths and outputs such as resistance, voltage and current, and also features the ability to have come with an optional alarm. Built for toughness, this liquid level sensor features no moving parts to maintain, adding to its long-service life, keeping it working for longer. With 4–20 mA output in-stock now, GTS can supply whatever you need for the job at hand. With an array of lengths available, and custom outputs to support your job, contact GTS today to learn more about the TLL352 and what this heavy-duty liquid level sensor can do for you.

If you would like to learn more about the GST range of Fozmula products or would like to order your own TLL352, than contact the GTS Team today to get yours now!