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Don't Know Your Pressure Switches From Your Light Switches?

Can't tell your pressure switches from your light switches? GTS has you covered. Find our quick and handy guide below:


Pressure Switches: Pressure switches are a form of switch that has an electrical contact that closes when a set pressure is reached. Depending on the design of your switch, the contact can be made on either the rise of pressure or the fall of pressure.

Temperatre Switches:Temperature Switches that is used to limit the temperature of any system whether that's equipment or machinery. If, for example, a machine overheats, the switch may signal a cooling system to stop the machine from reaching a point of failure.

Level Switches:A level switch is a sensor that identifies the presence of liquids. Also commonly referred to as a level sensor, a level switch can help prevent possible overflows of tank systems.

So no matter what switch you are looking for, GTS will more than likely have it in stock. Whether it's a Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch or Level Switch, GTS has what you need. If we don't have it on hand, we can more than likely supply it for you.

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