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PDK PDR250 Digital Pressure Gauge


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For lower pressure ranges please see our  PDR 100 Product or contact us for a custom order

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The PDK PDR250 Pressure Gauge is built for precise pressure measurement and comes equipped with a range of features to suit most applications and working environments. Highly accurate, the PDR250 comes with 0.25% Full-Scale Accuracy and can display a range of pressure units from mbar, bar, MPa, psi, kPa and more.

Available in a variety of ranges and with built-in benefits such as an auto-off and a min/max function to make your life easier, contact the GTS Team to learn more about our brand new range of PDK Digital Pressure Gauges.


  • 80mm Dial
  • Bottom-Entry G1/4" BSPP Thread
  • 0.25% Full-Scale Accuracy
  • Full selection of pressure units to display: mbar, bar , MPa, mmH20, inHg, mmHg, kgf/cm2, atm, psi, kPa
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Min/Max Function
  • Calibration Function
  • Stocked in ranges from 250 up to 5000 bar
  • Also available in lower ranges and higher ranges


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