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A Buyer's Guide To Voltmeters


A voltmeter (also known as a voltage meter) is an instrument used to measure the voltage between two points in an electric circuit. They are different from ammeters - devices used to measure the electric current in a circuit.

Voltmeters can be found in industrial plants, workshops and in the marine, automotive and resources sectors and are commonly used to check power generators, batteries, electrical appliances, heavy-duty equipment and tools to maintain safe working conditions.

Today both analogue and digital voltmeters can be found on the market. Analogue voltmeters use a needle and calibrated scale to indicate values, but digital voltmeters display values on a digital screen. Digital voltmeters have been increasing in popularity in recent years due to their quick and easy readability.


How we can help

At GTS Gauges Transmitters Switches, our Engine Monitoring range of voltmeters include:

  • 52mm Voltmeters and 52mm Voltmeters (marine version)These voltmeters allow users to monitor their vehicle’s electrical system, ensuring that it is operating efficiently and as intended. Applicable to industrial machinery and marine vehicles respectively.
  • 52mm Digital VoltmetersThese digital voltmeters have an easy-to-read digital display that measures between 9-32 volts. This gauge uses an easy screw-mount installation in a 52mm cut-out and will require 55mm of clearance behind the panel.


Not sure which voltmeter is right for you? The team at GTS is always happy to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Feel free to call us on  (08) 9250 4400, email or visit us at 6 Dayana Cl, Midvale. Our business hours are 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday.