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In Need of a Temperature Gauge? Well, Look No Further.



Temperature gauges are devices used to measure the temperature of an item or substance. You’re probably familiar with thermometers, well, they are a common type of temperature gauge.

Temperature gauges are often used in the manufacturing, food and beverage, resources, marine and construction sectors, among others.

Here at GTS, we stock a large range of temperature gauges that suit every industrial application required. Our range of temperature gauges includes a variety of temperature ranges, stem lengths and orientations (including any angle or straight rear), dial sizes and process connection threads.

Our gauges are constructed from high-quality brass and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and difficult conditions.

Some examples of temperature gauges that we sell include:

SC15 60mm Temperature Gauges with Capillary This unique and versatile temperature gauge is suitable for temperature regulation in mechanical engineering applications. These gauges have a brass bulb attached with a sealed capillary tube which is used connect to the engine intended to be measured. The capillary contains a temperature sensitive liquid which reacts to temperature changes and causes the pointer to move on the gauge.


TM187/8 Rear-Entry Brass Temperature GaugeThe primary use for this type of bimetal thermometer is in the heating industry. The measuring element of the bimetal thermometer is a quick-reacting bimetal coil. As the temperature rises or falls, the metal will contract or expand respectively, this causes a rotational movement which in turn moves the pointer shaft. We also have a special bimetal thermometer available which is suitable for waste gas measurements, with display ranges of 0...400 °C and 0...500 °C.


Gas Actuated ThermometersOur gas-actuated thermometers feature a short response time and are suitable for raw ambient conditions. Their case, ring and stem are joined together made of high-quality and durable stainless steel. They are filled with inert gas and uses the change of internal pressure to measure temperature. Our available stock has a measuring range from -200…50°C up to 0…700°C.


If you are looking for a temperature gauge that is accurate, reliable and can be used in a wide range of industry applications, we have what you need!

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