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The Advantages of Digital Pressure Gauges

PDR digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges have been recognized as offering more accurate and reliable pressure measurement, in comparison to analogue pressure gauges. Furthermore, this is not the only edge that digital gauges hold over analogue gauges. 

Here are five reasons why digital pressure gauges have eclipsed analogue units as the industry standard. 

1. Readability 

Digital pressure gauges are easy to read, typically featuring a backlit LCD display. In other words, the gauge is easily visible regardless of lighting conditions. Additionally, there are digital gauges that offer 10 different types of pressure units for easy measurement. This includes the PDR100250 500 and 1000 that are a part of the PDK range.

2. Accuracy

Another advantage that digital gauges hold is that readings are often more accurate. GTS Gauges stock gauges ranging from 0 to 5000 bar with 0.5%-0.025% full-scale accuracy, for extra convenience. Parallax issues are also avoided by digital gauges, since they display the result regardless of the angle from which it is viewed. 

3. Mechanical Resilience

Analog pressure gauges can become difficult to read when subjected to high vibrations. There may be movement of the needle on the gauge. However, in digital gauges, vibration does not have a noticeable impact because of the way that they are displayed. 

4. Cost effectiveness

Analog gauges are usually less expensive initially, but they require more frequent replacement. An investment into a digital pressure gauge means that if handled properly, it will last several years. 

5. Additional Functions 

Several higher-end digital gauges like the PDR500 and PDR1000  have additional functionality such as data logging and Bluetooth. Through GTS Gauges, you can pre-order these gauges and take advantage of unique options you wouldn't find with an analogue gauge.

GTS carries a range of digital pressure gauges that are the ideal solution for local digital display independent of the mains in Australia. For more information about digital pressure gauge features and the range of digital pressure gauges stocked by GTS Gauges, contact our knowledgeable staff on (08) 9250 4400 or fill out our contact form here.