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GTS Gauges: NATA Certified for Quality Products

NATA is Australia’s officially recognised national accreditation authority for promoting the competency of organisations in performing certain types of conformity assessment activities. It provides assurance to potential customers by letting them know that all standards for quality are met.

NATA has been a leading agency in Australian advertising since its inception. They are a strong advocate of self-regulation through the accreditation of organisations. These accreditations lead to stronger networks, increased transparency, greater accountability and more consistent professional behaviour.

The GTS Lab is accredited by theNational Association of Testing Authorities(NATA). To renew our accreditation, our NATA laboratory must continuously meet the rigorous NATA testing requirements. NATA accredited facilities must be performing their work correctly and to applicable standards. A benchmark for maintaining that competence is supplied and a group of NATA technical assessors will consult and inspect an organisation to determine whether they will receive accreditation. 

GTS is trusted and accredited by NATA to test, inspect, calibrate and administer our products in a credible, reliable and accurate manner. This certification process can also be applied to products that are available in the GTS shop. Any pressure item that is available in-store will have a NATA certification applied to it and then be shipped out directly to you. Our technicians are competent and reliable experts in their discipline. They only use the best equipment in order to certify your product.

The extensive NATA testing and stringent accreditation requirements were established to ensure that organisations like GTS Gauges are performing their work to a high standard. The assessment of the organisation will involve a thorough inspection of all areas related to production and servicing. Areas for improvement are identified as well as an in-depth report provided after any assessment has been completed. Products are then labelled with the NATA logo as a sign of quality assurance and authenticity for the end-user.

An up-to-date NATA certification on our products means they have already passed rigorous NATA testing and satisfied all required specifications - so you know their products are high quality without even checking! GTS Gauges continually meets stringent NATA testing standards, ensuring everything is done properly. 

GTS Gauges is proud to offer industrial tools from manufacturers who have been assessed by an independent authority on their competence and integrity - NATA Certification ensures all processes including production and servicing meet stringent standards before being issued certification. This saves our clients time in assessing products themselves while also ensuring high-quality goods are delivered to them. GTS Gauges proudly carries these certified products marked with the internationally recognised seal of excellence confirming its qualities as well as its manufacturer's commitment to sustainable development practices.