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A Tough Turbine - The B1100

Turbine flow meters are a multi-functional flow meter than can be applied to many different flow measuring applications. Turbine flow meters contain a small turbine wheel supported by a shaft held in place by bearings. The mechanical energy from the flow stream rotates the wheel as the rotational speed of the turbine increases in proportion to the flow rate of the liquid that is being measured. Turbine flow meters are easy to operate, basic to install and often have a long-service life due to their design.

Leaders in flow measurement systems, Blancett have produced the B1100 pulse output turbine flow meter. Designed to withstand the most rigorous demands of flow measurement applications, the B1100 was originally developed for the secondary oil recovery market. This led the B1100 to undergo serious testing in hostile environments, built to survive the harshest of conditions. The housing and rotor support assemblies are built from heavy duty 316 stainless steel, while the shaft and bearings are made from an abrasive-resistant tungsten material, committing the B1100 to a long-service life. The B1100 presents a large array of available flow rates, from 2.3 LPM all the way up to 1540 LPM and has a maximum pressure of 5000 psi. With optional flow monitor displays available, such as the B2900 and B3000, the B1100 proves that it is flexible, tough and willing to do the job you need done, no matter the application.

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