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Front-Flush Diaphragm - Tecsis P3251

The primary benefit of using a pressure transmitter with a front-flush diaphragm is that it separates the internal mechanics of the pressure transmitter from the media itself is measuring. A pocket of hydraulic fluid leading to the internal diaphragm prevents the pressure channel from becoming clogged or damaged in use, generally from viscous, aggressive or abrasive media.

The Tecsis P3251 Pressure Transmitter from GTS has a front-flush diaphragm and is able to be used in applications with difficult media, extending the service life of your transmitter. In addition to the front-flush diaphragm, the P3251 also features a 4–20 mA output, 316 stainless steel parts and 0.5% full-scale accuracy rating. Available in a G1/2” BSPP or a G1” BSPP thread connection (subject to pressure range), the P3251 is also highly resistant to shock and vibrations. Perfect for slurry applications, the P3251 is tough and accurate.

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