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Tough & Accurate - The Fozmula TLL171

Liquid level sensors operate in order to determine if a liquid or oil exists at a particular level in a tank. Capacitive liquid level sensors use two conductive electrodes in a circuit. The electrodes, a short distance away from each other, complete a circuit when they are immersed in a fluid. Capacitive liquid level sensors have the advantage of easily being able to detect the rising or falling of liquid in a tank or container, and with no moving parts, generally have a long service life. The electrodes, existing at the same height as the tank, allows the capacitance between the electrodes to be measured. When there is no capacitance, there is no liquid, when there is full capacitance, there is a full tank. The full and empty measurements are recorded and a calibrated meter shows the liquid level.

The Fozmula TLL171 Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor is an ideal instrument for shallow tanks in hostile environments. It is both tough and accurate and has no moving parts to maintain, adding to its long service life. The durable hexagon header houses all the important electronics and allows the TLL171 to leave a very small real estate footprint on your system, making it perfect for smaller tanks. Outputting a 4-20 mA signal and available in lengths anywhere up to 500mm, the TLL171 proves itself to be a staple in liquid measurement industries.

GTS stocks a large range of the Fozmula TLL171, specifically for diesel. Despite only keeping diesel in-stock, GTS provides our customers with the option to custom build your TLL171 for other fluids such as water, coolant or petrol. With a 1/2" BSPT thread, no moving parts and a large range of sizes and custom options available, the TLL171 is tough, reliable and accurate and perfect for your system.

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