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Everything You Want in a Pressure Gauge - The P1454

As far as pressure gauges go, the 63mm P1454 pressure gauge by Tecsis offers a suite of features that will be sure to benefit a wide range of industries and applications. Housed in quality stainless steel, lending to its resistance to corrosive environments, the P1454 is durable and can survive harsh working conditions while never losing its accuracy. While stainless steel protects the outer layer of the gauge, the glycerine-filling protects the internal measuring system against wear from ongoing pulsating pressures and mechanical vibrations. The glycerine filling not only provides protection from these vibrations and pulsations, but it also has the added benefit of providing lubrication for all the internal moving parts within the gauge. With brass-wetted parts, a bottom thread connection and an accuracy class of 1.6, the P1454 is a quality gauge that offers everything you need in a gauge and more.

GTS stocks a broad selection of Tecsis P1454 pressure gauges in a variety of measuring ranges and threads. Offered in both a G1/4” BSPP parallel thread with a bar/psi dual scale dial, or 1/4” BSPT tapered thread with a kPa/psi dual scale dial, and with bar ranges from Vacuum all the way up to 1000 bar available, GTS has the stock in-store to supply what you need.

The 63mm P1454 pressure gauge by Tecsis is precise, accurate and durable. With stainless steel casing, brass wetted parts, glycerine-filling and an array of measuring ranges and thread options available, the P1454 is a versatile gauge ready to be catered to whatever application you have in mind. With plenty of stock on the shelf and a team of expert staff willing to help, contact GTS HERE to learn more, or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 and get your P1454 pressure gauge today!