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Custom Built To Fit What You Need - TLL70

The TLL70 is a multi-float level switch that offers its users the versatility in being able to choose specific switch points and stem lengths without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Implementing the proven and reliable magnet and reed switch method—where two reeds change contact relative to the position of a passing magnet, creating a signal—the TLL70 offers flexibility in allowing up to 6 of these switches anywhere along the float’s stem. The TLL70 also offers stem lengths anywhere up to 2 metres in length, giving you the ability to adjust your float switch to fit the size of your tank. GTS custom builds and assembles these in our location in Midvale, allowing you to talk to someone local about what you need and allowing you to get it when you need it. The TLL70 is compatible with liquids such as diesel, water, kerosene and more, and is available with a 1” BSP thread connection.

So no matter the application, the TLL70 offers its users the flexibility to design the level switch to specifically fit what they need. With the option to have up 6 switch points, be anywhere up to 2 metres in length, compatible with most liquids and with a standard thread connection, the TLL70 is the perfect fit for what you need. Contact the GTS Team HERE to learn more, or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.