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The Ultimate in Flow Measurement - The Dynasonics DXN

Using soundwaves to discover the velocity of a liquid travelling in a pipe, ultrasonic flowmeters use advanced technology to determine flow rate. Ultrasonic flowmeters generally use two formulas for their measurements: Transit Time and Doppler Effect. The Dynasonics DXN has the distinct advantage of being a hybrid ultrasonic flow meter, meaning, the instrument can automatically choose the optimal type of flow measurement system to read based on the specific signal that it's receiving during operation.

Along with its advanced flow measurement system, the DXN also provides a host of other benefits. The device is portable, which allows its user the freedom to bring it on site, get the measurements and move on to the next location. It also bypasses the need for shutting down an entire operation or cutting into pipes with the DXN’s non-invasive installation method by using transducers that strap directly onto the outside of the pipe.

Featuring a large, easy-to-use touchscreen interface, full-colour graphing, wizard-based setup, data logging function with 1 GB on board storage and USB connectivity, the DXN is a feature packed, portable, hybrid, ultrasonic flow meter that only offers the very best in portable flow testing.

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