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Your First Choice - The P2325/P2329 Tecsis Pressure Gauge

The 100mm P2325/P2329 Pressure Gauge by Tecsis is a staple amongst pressure gauges. A consistent best-seller, the P2325/P2329 is tested, reliable and always on the shelf. The bottom-entry P2325 and the rear-entry P2329 share the same features and benefits between them, except offer a different thread position to fit your system.

Both gauges are made from tough and durable stainless steel materials and are purpose-built to survive difficult environments. Designed for tough conditions, the P2325/P2329 can deal with harsh circumstances and are resistant to aggressive media. Depending on your system requirements, GTS also supplies a variety of different dial and scale modifications in-store, as well as front and rear flanges. With, an accuracy class of 1.0, and for use up to full-scale value, the P2325/P2329 pressure gauge gives its users options to procure the most accurate results. GTS also offers its customers complimentary glycerine-filling, if you require it. Glycerine filling helps to dampen pulsating pressures and mechanical vibrations and is also used as lubrication to protect the internal parts of the gauge, adding to its longevity and maintaining its accuracy.

The P2325/P2329 is available in measuring ranges from vacuum all the way up to 15,000 psi and features all stainless steel parts as well as the option to buy your gauge and get it NATA Certified in-house at GTS. A tough, reliable and honest gauge no matter the situation, make the P2325/P2329 your first choice.

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