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Keep It Simple, Stupid - The Fozmula GLL63

Simple is good.

There’s nothing like buying a new part and expecting being able to use it straight away until you open the box, unfold the diagram and fail at installing it, leaving you confused and having to call customer support five minutes before they close.

This isn’t the story with the GLL63.

The Fozmula GLL63 follows the K.I.S.S. principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid!

When you take your GLL63 home, it comes already assembled. Simply screw it in to the tank you’re using and it’s ready to go. The GLL63 is built from the quality materials you would expect from Fozmula: a 316 stainless steel spiral, polypropylene float and a solid head which prevents any of the media the gauge is measuring leaking into the gauge, protecting its longevity and guaranteeing results over the long term.

The GLL63 is compatible with most popular construction fluids: diesel, oil and water, and also offers its users flexibility in stem length as well. Available in depths from 130mm up to 1200mm, the GLL63 suits most common-sized tanks. It also comes equipped with a standard 1½” BSP thread connection.

Easy-to-install, reliable, affordable and manufactured from quality, the GLL63 is perfect for whatever application you need.

Head over to our Product Shop to learn more about the GLL63 or give our helpful staff a call on (08) 9250 4400 to get your GLL63 today.