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Prioritise Your Safety, Measure Pressure From A Distance - The TDWLB

Personal safety in the workplace is not something that should be taken lightly.

When you’re out doing fieldwork, there’s nothing worse than being placed in an uncomfortable position where you feel your own well-being is at risk. At the end of the day, putting yourself in harm’s way is not worth it and shouldn’t be an option.

This is where Transducers Direct Australia’s TDWLB Pressure Transducer with Wireless Bluetooth technology comes into the picture. The TDWLB is the first Certified Wireless Bluetooth® Transmitter that prioritises the personal safety of its user. The transducer allows its operator to be a safe distance away from the machinery that is attempting to be measured. By simply downloading the free mobile or tablet application, the pressure measurements are wirelessly sent to your device of choice. This makes the TDWLB transducer perfect for systems where you need to monitor the pressure from a safe distance, away from dangerous moving machinery.

In addition to putting your safety first, the TDWLB transducer is also easy to install and to operate. Without the need for complicated wiring setups or hoses to install, the TDWLB comes away with a plug-in-and-play attitude. Simply connect it into your system, download the app and away you go. With a long battery life, pressure ranges from 50 psi up to 10,000 psi, 1% BFSL Accuracy and available in ¼” BSPP and ¼” NPT thread options, the TDWLB pressure transducer is accurate, reliable and flexible to fit a variety of different rigs. There are also custom options available; the accuracy can be improved to 0.25% and there is also the option to have a data logging function attached.

Prioritise your safety in the workplace with the TDWLB Pressure Transducer with Wireless Bluetooth Technology. Manufactured from quality materials, reliable and accurate, the TDWLB looks after you.

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