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Explore the Benefits of Variable Area Flow Meters

The Benefits of Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flow Meters have revolutionised the way that liquids can be measured, providing a comprehensive solution for industries that require accurate measurements across a wide range of spectrums. Let's talk more about Variable Area Flow Metersand their benefits. 


How Does a Variable Area Flow Meter Work?

A Variable Area Flow Meter operates with precision using a transparent tube containing a piston. Here's how it works: A precisely calibrated spring exerts force on the piston. As fluid flows through the tube, it pushes the piston against the spring's force. The position of the piston within the tube is directly related to the flow rate, creating a visual indicator.

This design is completely mechanical and highly accurate, making Variable Area Flow Meters a reliable and easy to use tool for monitoring fluid flow rate.


Advantages of Using a Variable Area Flow Meter:

Visual Monitoring: Variable area flow meters provide real-time visual feedback of fluid flow. Operators can easily observe the position of the float or piston within the transparent tube, allowing for immediate verification of flow conditions without the need for additional instrumentation.

Simplicity and Ease of Use: Being fully mechanical, these flow meters are straightforward to install and operate. They do not require complex calibration or external power sources, making them user-friendly and cost-effective for flow measurement applications.

Wide Range of Applicability: Variable area flow meters are versatile and suitable for measuring various fluids across a broad range of flow rates. Their adaptability makes them a viable option for a variety of applications.

Reliability and Durability: With their robust construction, these flow meters are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They offer long-term reliability, minimizing maintenance requirements and ensuring consistent performance over time.

Cost-Efficiency: Variable area flow meters are often more affordable than some other flow measurement methods, making them an economical choice for industries where precision is essential but budget constraints exist. Their simplicity also helps reduce overall operational costs.

360° Installation: With a 360° rotatable guard/scale, the Variable Area Flow Meter can be installed at any orientation (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), without regard to scale direction.


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