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Ohms Resistance Converter - Perfect for vintage cars, hot rods and 4WDs

Ohms Resistance Converter Unit

Do you want to use your original dash gauges but can’t find and original sender? The GTS Ohms Resistance Converter Unit can help!


What is an Ohms Resistance Converter?

An Ohms Resistance Converter is a device used to convert resistance values between different units of measurement, such as in cars. For example, Fuel Gauges are designed to work with a specific ohm range. Different automobile and gauge manufacturers use different ohm ranges to correctly operate their gauges. This can cause problems for a person who is updating their vehicle with new gauges or a new gas tank and fuel sender. The Ohms Resistance Converter helps by taking the signal given by the refurbished or new car parts and converts it to a signal usable by older car parts.


How does an Ohms Resistance Converter work?

 An Ohms Resistance Converter works by receiving an ohms signal sent by a an output device and converting it to a signal that the display device and interpret. Lets use a fuel gauge and a fuel level sender (such as the TLL130) as an example, although it can be used for pressure, temperature and many other devices. If you want to connect the fuel level sender to the fuel gauge in the dashboard of the car, but it doesn’t accept the same ohms signal as the fuel level sender, it will not register on the gauge. The Ohms Resistance Converter takes the signal of the fuel level gauge and converts the signal to an ohms signal, programmed by the user, that the fuel gauge can accept.


Why use an Ohms Resistance Converter?

The advantages of using an ohms converter are:

  • Accurate conversions: An ohms converter provides accurate conversions between resistance units, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Time-saving: An ohms converter can save time by eliminating the need for manual rewiring, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Versatile: An ohms converter can convert resistance values between a wide range of units, making it a versatile tool for any application.
  • User-friendly: Ohms converters are easy to use with simple controls to help program the required input and output signals that make it easy to input values and select units of measurement.


What do you use Ohms Resistance Converters for?

 Ohms converters are used in various industries, including:

  • Vintage Cars: Ohms converters are commonly used in vintage cars to help connect new under the hood parts to the vintage displays
  • Hotrods and Racing cars:If you change the engine, you may need to make sure the signals from the pressure and temp senders are compatible with what displays you currently have. Changing fuel tanks and the fuel level gauge due to its size is also something you may need to consider a resistance converter for.
  • 4 Wheel Drives:When adding a long range fuel tank you may need to add a new fuel level due to the sometimes unusual shape of the tank. Making sure that the correct fuel level is read out on your dash is important to make sure you know how much fuel you have.

In conclusion, an ohms converter is a useful tool for anyone who needs to convert resistance values between different signals. It provides accurate and precise measurements, saving time and eliminating errors and helping you achieve accurate and reliable results.