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Flexible. Reliable. TLL122.

A technology that can be traced back centuries, float level switches, more or less, provide the same basic function that they always have. While the design has undergone changes over the years, the basic principles have remained the same. The float, which features a dense and buoyant hollow body, rises and falls with the corresponding level of the liquid and sits along a guide tube. Adjustable collars assist in limiting the trajectory of the hollow float on the tube. Modern updates have implemented magnets inside the float that control the opening and closing of reed contacts. This opening and closing of the contacts allows for the travel of an electrical current and results in a switching signal being sent.

The Fozmula TLL122 Float Level Switch harnesses and refines this technology. Designed specifically with the purpose to be user adjustable, the TLL122 can be tailored by the user to suit many different tank sizes. The TLL122 also comes with the ability to change the switch function between the factory set Close-On-Fall, or Close-On-Rise by turning the float 180 °. The TLL122 is diesel and water compatible and available in both 500mm and 1000mm standard lengths.

The Fozmula TLL122 Float Level Switch is flexible, reliable and built from quality parts the Fozmula brand has come to represent. Call the GTS Team on (08) 9250 4400 or contact us HERE to secure your Fozmula TLL122 Float Level Switch today.