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Pressure Switches and the benefits of an Adjustable Hysteresis

The GTS-PS is feature packed. With a snap-action micro switch, change over contact SPDT (Single-Pole, Double-Throw) and a compact and durable design, the German designed and manufactured GTS-PS is constructed from high-quality materials and is purpose built for longevity and reliability. The key advantage, however, is the adjustable hysteresis the GTS-PS features within its compact shell.

Hysteresis (also often referred to as differential) refers to the difference that occurs between the switching point and the reset point. The hysteresis functions to keep the switch point and the reset point from having the same value, and prevents the system from oscillating and becoming unstable. The advantage of an adjustable hysteresis is that it allows that range to be moved depending on the user's application. It offers the opportunity to be precise with your switching and reset point, giving the operator more control over the overall performance of their engineering system.

The GTS-PS, with its adjustable hysteresis, is available in both an adjustable vacuum range,-0.85–0.15bar, as well as adjustable pressure ranges from 0.2–2 bar all the way up to 30–320 bar. It offers precise control over the hysteresis and is compact, durable and reliable. GTS supplies a full range of the GTS-PS and is also equipped to adjust the hysteresis to your required range. Contact the GTS team HERE to get in touch with one of our instrumentation experts, or give our sales team a call on (08) 9250 4400 today!