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No Tank Leakage - The GLL28

The Fozmula GLL28 Mechanical Level Gauge is purpose built to prevent your tank from leaking if any damage comes to the gauge head. The solid flange that acts as a sealed barrier between your tank and the level gauge is built from strong aluminum that stops the tank contents from spilling out if the gauge needs replacing. The GLL28 is available in both a top-mounted or side-mounted position giving you the options depending on the necessary application of the level gauge.

The GLL28 is a compact and robust level gauge that uses a float to move the dial pointer via a magnetic coupling. This system also aids in preventing ingress of the tank contents from entering into the indicator capsule. The GLL28 also comes supplied with a standard stainless steel one metre float-arm that can be trimmed to suit whatever tank size necessary. This gives the you more flexibility to fit the GLL28 into whatever tank necessary. GTS also carries a large range of weld-on flanges available in-store.

For more information on the GLL28, head on over to the GTS Product Shop, or give our expert staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.