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Fast Diagnostic Troubleshooting - The PFM6

The Flo-Tech PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Test Kits are lightweight, compact and portable, and are designed for the fast diagnostic troubleshooting of both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. The PFM6 is a self-contained unit that features high accuracy and can provide flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously in real-time from one single point. The device is easy to operate, with a toggle switch that allows you to change the display output to either the flow or temperature readings, and also includes a load valve that has fine control. In addition to these benefits, the PFM6 priortises the safety of its operator, with every PFM6 unit having pressure surge protection built-in.

The PFM6 features:

  • A fast and simple troubleshooter for hydraulic systems
  • Available in flow rates of up to 757 LPM
  • Flow, pressure and temperature display
  • Includes a load valve for fine control
  • Basic unit is uni-directional, with a bi-directional option also available

No matter the application, the Flo-Tech PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Flow Test Kits are more than capable in providing accurate readings, safe operation and flexible options. Visit the Product Shop for more; Contact GTS via the form or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.