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Save Your Gauge! - 100% Australian Made Semmler Gauge Saver Snubbers

The 100% Aussie Made Semmler Gauge Saver Snubbers extend the life of your gauge by isolating the pressure medium from the gauge itself. Consisting of a hollow body, the Semmler Gauge Savers carry a liquid-filled, compressible sack, and restrictor plug, allowing pressure to enter through the sealed snubber body and press the sack liquid through the restrictor into the gauge. This allows fluctuating pressures to be dampened by the restrictor, providing both steady and accurate gauge readings while protecting your gauge from the pressure medium that it is measuring.

Designed for a broad range of applications, the Semmler Gauge Savers provide a host of benefits to their user. They are compatible with pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi (69,000 kPa). They provide accurate readings, with the snubbing effect reducing needle oscillation to an absolute minimum. They work at extending the life of your gauge by isolating the pressure medium from the gauge itself, minimising gauge maintenance and gauge replacement. The Semmler Gauge Savers also require no factory fitting or installation service, they can be fitted on site which make these snubbers low-cost, with low-mess installation. Depending on the necessary application, they are also available in brass, stainless steel and high-tensile steel materials.

The Semmler Gauge Saving Snubbers are the perfect pressure accessory to extend the life of your gauge by protecting your gauge from extreme media without any loss of accuracy.

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