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The NEW GTS Converter App for Apple and Android

There's a brand new workhorse on the mobile market. The all-new and improved GTS Converter App is about to become the best tool in your truck.

Let's go through the app:

Open the app, and you'll immediately see the potential with the options to convert Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Force, Volume, Length and Weight. Each of these categories come with an assortment of specific measurement conversions inside. The 'About' option also features a direct link to the GTS website that features our product page and online shop where you can order gauges, switches, transmitters and whatever else you need.

Let's take a look at pressure as an example:

Choose your category and you'll see the field your entering into, the constraints of your conversion and the result. There's also a switch option in case you want to reverse your input and outputs. From pressure we can convert psi, bar, mbar, MPa, kPa, Pa, plus more. And this is just one category. Pressure alone features twelve different conversion options and flow features ten.

Now let's practice a conversion:

Say you open a product manual that specifies the pressure in psi, but with a gauge only displaying the pressure in bar. With the gauge reading 6 bar, we can quickly enter the details into the GTS Converter App and see that 6 bar is the equivalent to 87 psi. The app also gives us the option to copy this detail onto the phone's clipboard to paste where necessary: whether communicating with a colleague or storing for reference later.

Download it now on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you need anything else, contact GTS HERE or call GTS on (08) 9250 4400.