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The Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge (Blog Post)

Introducing the Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge. Never before has there been a digital pressure gauge quite like this one. It's a monster of a gauge, packed full of features. Let's start off with the easy-to-read LCD display. It's a 7-segment LCD screen with 11 millimetre tall digits on-screen. The display also features a bar graph with a minimum and maximum trailing pointer function. It’s also first class in its accuracy category with 0.5% Full-Scale Accuracy rating, so you can trust the numbers.

Now let's talk the heart of any gauge: the measuring range. This is what makes this particular Digital Pressure Gauge so damn impressive. With measuring ranges available of up to 700bar and a G1/4" BSPP Bottom Connection and a solid Stainless Steel case, the P3961 is durable, hearty and undeniably tough.

The Tecsis P3961 has many applications for many different industries. This gauge can apply to machine construction, plant and apparatus construction, the hydraulic and pneumatic industry as well as use for measuring and monitoring equipment. There is nothing like our 80mm P3961 digital pressure gauge. It is the absolute and ideal solution for a pressure gauge with a local display that can operate completely independently with the replaceable battery allowing for the necessary measurements to be made without needing to be connected to a fixed power source.

No matter what job you have in store for it, the Tecsis P3961 Digital Pressure Gauge can handle it. With its durable Stainless Steel casing, its simple easy-to-read LCD display screen featuring 11 millimetre digits, its bar graph with a minimum and maximum trailing pointer function and the available measuring range of up to 700 bar, the P3961 is a monster of a gauge.

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