The Rolex of Pressure Switches (minus the cost)

The GTS Electronic Pressure Switch (EPS) offers the flexibility to set your switching point at the precise location for whatever application you need. It features a digital pressure display, red and green lights to indicate switch function, a compact body, an adjustable hysteresis and an IP67 Rating.

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The Vision Turbine Flowmeters are the perfect solution for your flow performance measuring needs. They are ideal for metering small quantities of liquids with both the present flow rate and the total flow rate available to be displayed. Vision Turbines were made for measuring low-viscosity fluids and liquids that are considered non-aggressive. They feature a mechanical construction which is simple in design and that lends an extension to service life without any decrease in accuracy.

If you have a liquid measurement demand, then the range of Vision Turbine flowmeters has you covered. They are a cost-effective and energy efficient quality product that will help your business in the long run by lowering operating costs by  controlling and monitoring liquid dispensation. They were designed specifically to improve the optimisation and ongoing performance of a wide range of products in a wide range of industries.


Let’s have a closer look:

The Vision 1000 series is most suited for smaller flow rates with a range from 0.1–2.5 litres per minute. The Vision 1000 features a G1/4″BSPP thread with a PPL of 22,000.

The Vision 2000 is more flexible and has differing LPM ranges available. The available LPM ranges for the Vision 2000 start at 1–10 LPM and go all the way up to 2–35 LPM. The Vision 2000 also has a Brass material option available that has an LPM range of 3–25. All Vision 2000 models come with a G3/8″BSPP thread.

The Vision 3000 Turbine Flowmeter is for larger scale flow measurement. It features an LPM range of 5–65 LPM with a G3/4″BSPP thread.

You cannot manage, what you cannot measure, and with the Vision Turbine Flowmeters, supplied by GTS, you will be able to optimise the performance of your equipment and secure the success of your business.

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Velocity. Speed. Momentum. DEUMO Tachometer

The DEUMO Precision Handheld Tachometer provides a fast and trouble-free measurement of RPM and speed. The three stage gearing allows switching between high and low ranges, all while requiring no power to operate. German manufactured to a high level of quality performance, these Tachometers can be applied to the ongoing maintenance and calibration of other machinery that has moving parts that need to be measured. Available in two different versions, the DEUMO 1 measures up to 50000 RPM or 5000 m/min, while the DEUMO 3 measures up 20000 RPM or 2000m/min.

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Under Pressure? The P-series

The P1453 & P1454 63mm pressure gauges are glycerine-filled with a tough stainless steel case. Available in ranges from vacuum up to 1000 bar, they are heavy duty, precise and, best of all, they’re IN-STOCK at GTS now!

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Testing Your Standards — GTS Digital Pressure Testing Kits

Take advantage of the instant asset tax write off before the end of financial year! The DIGITAL PRESSURE TEST KITS priced from $455.00 offer portable, and reliable pressure testing solutions. The kit includes a hose and multiple test-20 connectors ready to use out of the case.

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GTS 2021 Product Guide Out Now!

The All-New GTS 2021 Product Guide is now available! Featuring the brand new product ranges for the KUS line of marine and generator engine monitoring products as well as the new range of PDK Digital Gauges and Test Kits.The new KUS range of engine monitoring products are perfect for auto-electricians who need to have quality senders for level, pyro, temperature and pressure and require the gauge to go with. With new marine-style gauges with a thick black bezel and a higher Ingress Protection value, our new range of KUS gauges cover: oil and water pressure, GPS, Tachometers and pyrometers. GTS also stocks resistance alarms and converters, giving you more options for optimal functionality for use with your existing gauges and senders.

The new PDK range of Digital Pressure Gauges and Test Kits offer accurate and reliable performance while delivering a long-service life. Featuring the PDR100, PDR250, PDR500 and PDR1000, the PDK range of Digital Pressure Gauges offer high-accuracy, calibration functions, backlit LCD display and a full range of pressure units and ranges available. Test Kits with the brand new range of PDK Digital Pressure Gauges also comes with the required hose and fittings, making it ready to use for the job you’re on.

The All-New GTS 2021 Product Guide also features our existing tried and true quality industrial instrumentation products that you already know and love. To get your free copy, download the 2021 Product Guide HERE, or use the below contact form and leave your company name and mailing address and GTS will send you a hard copy at NO CHARGE.

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    Long-Service Life & Limited Tank Intrusion — The S285 + S286

    The Fozmula S285 Coolant Level Switch and S286 Oil Level Swich are capacitance-type level switches with no moving parts, reducing maintenance and adding to their long-service life. With a ten second delay as standard to eliminate false alarms, the S285 and S286 can also be custom built to suit your application. Available in a variety of thread options, the S285 and S286 also feature a tiny spatial footprint, limiting tank intrusions and reducing risk of damage and are optimised for performance and longevity.

    Visit our product shop for the S285 and S286, contact the GTS Team HERE, or call our staff on (08) 9250 4400 to learn more!

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    No Moving Parts & Accurate — ModMAG Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    ThModMAG Electromagnetic Flowmetere Badger Meter ModMAG range of electromagnetic flowmeters are easy-to-maintain and long-lasting and offer a range of options to suit any flow metering system. They offer high-accuracy and low maintenance, allowing you to meet the challenges of difficult fluid conditions.

    Contact the GTS Team HERE, or call our staff on (08) 9250 4400 to learn more.

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    Long-Lasting & Tough — The TLL130

    With no moving parts, the Fozmula TLL130 Level Sensor is long-lasting and tough. With a default output of 10–180 Ohms and lengths of up to 2000mm in-stock now, the TLL130 is designed to fit a variety of tanks. GTS can also supply custom lengths and output options depending on what you need.

    For more information on the TLL130, head on over to the GTS Product Shop, or give our expert staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.

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    Easy, Ongoing Maintenance — KUS Programmable Hourmeter

    The KUS 52mm Programmable Hourmeter is an easy-to-install gauge that can be set to any figure to ensure easy, ongoing maintenance. With the option for either an orange or yellow backlight, the KUS Programmable Hourmeter also includes a wiring loom, making it ready to go straight out of the box. Contact the GTS Team to learn more today!
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    No Tank Leakage — The GLL28

    The Fozmula GLL28 Mechanical Level Gauge is purpose built to prevent your tank from leaking if any damage comes to the gauge head. The solid flange that acts as a sealed barrier between your tank and the level gauge is built from strong aluminum that stops the tank contents from spilling out if the gauge needs replacing. The GLL28 is available in both a top-mounted or side-mounted position giving you the options depending on the necessary application of the level gauge.

    The GLL28 is a compact and robust level gauge that uses a float to move the dial pointer via a magnetic coupling. This system also aids in preventing ingress of the tank contents from entering into the indicator capsule. The GLL28 also comes supplied with a standard stainless steel one metre float-arm that can be trimmed to suit whatever tank size necessary. This gives the you more flexibility to fit the GLL28 into whatever tank necessary. GTS also carries a large range of weld-on flanges available in-store.

    For more information on the GLL28, head on over to the GTS Product Shop, or give our expert staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.

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    Fast Diagnostic Troubleshooting — The PFM6

    The Flo-Tech PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Test Kits are lightweight, compact and portable, and are designed for the fast diagnostic troubleshooting of both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems. The PFM6 is a self-contained unit that features high accuracy and can provide flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously in real-time from one single point. The device is easy to operate, with a toggle switch that allows you to change the display output to either the flow or temperature readings, and also includes a load valve that has fine control. In addition to these benefits, the PFM6 priortises the safety of its operator, with every PFM6 unit having pressure surge protection built-in.

    The PFM6 features:

    • A fast and simple troubleshooter for hydraulic systems
    • Available in flow rates of up to 757 LPM
    • Flow, pressure and temperature display
    • Includes a load valve for fine control
    • Basic unit is uni-directional, with a bi-directional option also available

    No matter the application, the Flo-Tech PFM6 Portable Hydraulic Flow Test Kits are more than capable in providing accurate readings, safe operation and flexible options. Visit the Product Shop for more; Contact GTS via the form or give our friendly staff a call on (08) 9250 4400.

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