Vision Turbine Flowmeters.

Vision Turbine Flow meters now in stock with GTS. Low cost flow meters with pulse output.

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GTSPS Pressure Switches with Adjustable Hysteresis SPDT

GTSPS Pressure Switches with Adjustable Hysteresis SPDT.

Adjustable range and hysteresis G1/4”BSPP conn, zinc plated steel body, Buna N diaphragm and DIN plug elect. connection.

GTS is sure to have on stock a pressure switch that suits your need.

Call Today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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GTS Electronic Pressure Switch

The GTS Electronic Pressure Switch can be programmed to reset at any point below the original switch point (Adjustable Switch Point & Adjustable Hysteresis).

For example, this means you can switch at 250 bar, and reset at 40 bar. Great for pressure tanks on compressors or hydraulics.

All the while displaying the pressure on the digital display. (Available with 2x switch outputs as standard).

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The Fozmula TLL122 Adjustable Float Switch

The Fozmula TLL122 Adjustable Float Switch can be cut to length by the user to suit the desired switch point.

Simply cut the stem with a pipe cutter to the length you need, and fit the head with a nut and olive, giving you a male 1”BSP male thread to mount with.
It is also possible to change the switching contact between Normally Open and Normally Closed, by rotating the float 180 degrees.
Great for when you need a single float switch for your water, fuel or oil tank.

More information on the GTS website or contact with

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Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducers Generation 2

Generation 2 Bluetooth® certified wireless pressure transducer is now available.

With longer battery life (24 months), and improved connection distance, (up to 75 m in line of sight) makes the Bluetooth Transducer ™ TDWLB a perfect fit for many testing applications.

Download the free app, install the transducer and wirelessly connect – no confusing wiring or hoses to worry about, and the operator is out of harms way!.

From HVAC in marine, campers, motor-homes, residential and commercial applications to water, hydraulic, irrigation, pools, agriculture and sprinkler systems or anywhere you need to monitor pressure without the need of wires.

Now available from GTS Gauges. Call us today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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Oval gear Flowmeter Series LM-OG-I

Oval Gear Flowmeter Series LM-OG-I from Badger Meter Europa are volumetric flowmeters suited for liquids oil and water.

Call us today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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Pressure Gauges: GTS stocks a large range

GTS stocks a large range of Pressure Gauges our range starts from Vacuum gauges (negative pressures), to compound gauges (both negative and positive pressures) and pressure gauges up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar).

We carry loads of accessories for pressure gauges including pointers, rubber protection shrouds, adapters, snubbers, dials, syphons, restrictors, needles, lenses, shrouds, and adapters.

Call us today for more information Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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Model TLL130 Liquid Level sensor

The Fozmula TLL130 is a liquid level sensor which provides a continuous output of tank level in either resistance or voltage formats.
Available for tank depths between 150 mm and 2000 mm it can be used in any liquids compatible with the wetted parts.
Call us today fpr more information

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Portable Hydraulic Tester

The Flo-Tech® Portable Hydraulic Testers are compact and portable units, designed for fast, diagnostic trouble-shooting of mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

The Flo-Check® USB Hydraulic System Analyser downloads and records the data from the hydraulic testing and then transfers that data to the user’s computer, where multiple operating parameters (bi directional flow, pressure, temperature, power) may be monitored in real-time.

The data can then be used for certificates, reports and graphs.

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Vision Turbine Flowmeters

The Vision Turbine Flowmeters from Badgermeter are ideal for the measurement of small quantities of liquid.
These meters are best suited for: water, oil, beverages and fuel consumption.
Low cost, compact construction, easy installation and now ON STOCK at GTS.

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Hedland Variable Area Flowmeters

Hedland Variable Area Flowmeters are the best low cost solution for oil and water flow measurement.
They are simple to install in any orientation, vertical or horizontal, without sacrificing measurement performance.
Call us today for more information ph 08 9250 4400

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Mechanical Level Gauges GLL63 Series

The Model GLL63 Series Mechanical Level Gauge from @fozmula  is a float operated, mechanical liquid level gauge.
Installation is as simple as screwing it into your tank. No wiring to worry about.

KISS principle at its best!

Call us today for more information  Ph 08 9250 4400 or email

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